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Product Testimonials

Customer: John
buckIt was Tuesday the 9th, a calm, clear November morning. As usual I was up before the crack of dawn. I sprayed down all my blaze orange and boots with Nature's Camo Balsam Fir Thicket Cover Scent before heading to one of my favorite hunting spots, which I call "The Rock". It's smack in the middle of the pole line on Rt 26 in Gray, Maine.

I positioned my gear and refreshed my clothes with more of the cover scent, picked up my rifle, scanned the edge of the pole line, and waited.It only took 15-20 minutes before I spotted movement. Then I spotted a rack. I aimed and squeezed the trigger. I had a good feeling, but I fired another shot just to be sure.I went to track the deer, and spotted blood right where it had been standing when I shot at it. About 5 yards into the woods I found my 5-point buck. He weighed 150 lbs. dressed out.

I really recommend Nature's Camo, which comes in a couple of different cover scents. It's made in Maine, it's not expensive, it doesn't harm or stain your clothes, and it smells great. I even caught my wife using it as an air freshener around the house! The 4 oz bottle seems like it will last forever with the spray pattern that it produces. My order is already in for next year, so if you want a nice buck, try Nature's Camo Cover Scents. You'll be glad you did.

John Lebeda
Windham, Maine

Customer: Jacob
  I sprayed Mainesscent, Maine Forest Blend onto my pants; ten minutes later in the woods down wind from a Buck I opened fire and dropped him before my Dad spotted the deer. Dad has been using scents for years with little success, now he will be using Mainesscent like me.

11 year old Student


Customer: Josh

      Paul, just writing you a little note to express my gratitude for suggesting I used your scent 'Maine Forest Blend.' Not only is this scent pleasing to the senses, but also effective on masking human odor. I have been a hunter now for 10 years and used multiple scents, some costing upward of $30.00. After applying your scent to my boots and hat, I ventured into the woods. Not five minutes had passed when I heard deer trotting through the woods. To my surprise four does where headed directly to me from DOWN WIND! I truly believe that the 'Maine Forest Blend' enabled me to harvest my deer this year. I am a believer in this product!

Thanks again,

Josh Gould

Customer: Sean

      While using Mainesscent, Maine Forest Blend, I was able to bag a nice eight point Buck in Eaton New Hampshire. The Buck was thirty-five yards away, down wind, looking my way and continued to move towards me without noticing my presence. This mature Buck should have been spooked by my scent. He wasn't and paid the price.

Sean Watson
KHS Teacher